Winter at the Straits of Mackinac

Winter at the Straits of Mackinac and in Michigan's Upper is truly a wonderland of adventures....too many to list.   If you are a winter enthusiast and ready to get out and explore, the rewards are big. Even if you stay in your car and drive around, you'll find plenty of … [Read more...]

The Garage

" The Garage " I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere during our marriage (and it's been a long time) , the garage became his garage.  Why would a man just think that a garage is not part of the sharing of a relationship.  Oh sure, he gave me a couple of hooks to hang my tennis and pickleball … [Read more...]

Pond Hockey, WISSA and the winter of 2012

February Special Events Well, February has passed and all the craziness of gearing up for the winters main events is over.......despite the fact that winter was not on our side, we survived and a whole bunch of people came to the U.P. and many for the first time, 159 hockey teams and WISSA … [Read more...]