Brevort Lake Area


  • Brevort River
    Brevort River
    River flows from nearby Lake Michigan

The Brevort Lake area is an area that surrounds the Brevort Lake. This inland lake is the most popular in Mackinac County and located at the east end of the Upper Peninsula.  It is partly in Brevort and Moran Townships.    It consists of Dukes Rd., Black Point Rd., Brevort Lake Rd, and the Campground Rd. as the main roads, accessed via M-123 and Worth Rd. from the East.  Brevort Lake Rd. also (H-40) continues west along the southeast side of the lake and takes a big curve out 5 miles to U.S. #2.  You will come upon the old CCC camp, Sand Dunes Ski and hiking Trails, a section of the North Country Trail as well as the Round Lake Rd. which is a main snowmobile passageway in the winter.  Towards the west end, the Black Point Rd. offers lake access through several small roads with Walker Rd. and Government Rd. being the 2 main roads on the northeast area and Schaeffer Rd. (accessed off Worth Rd) towards the northwest side of the lake.   The campground road just past Schaeffer Rd. cuts through to U.S. #2 and is the main access road for this popular Federal Forest Campground.    The Brevort Lake area is serviced by a small campstore on the west side next to the Federal campground, and a few business’s and gas station in Moran and the village of Brevort.  The Lake Michigan Sand Dunes are minutes away.



Big Brevort Lake

15 minutes from the Mackinac Bridge. This 4400 acre all-sports lake is surrounded by approximately 85% federal land making it a very popular and one of the larger lakes in this area. Stretching 7 miles from end to end, it is a good size lake filled with many different fish species including perch, walleye, bass, muskie, crappies and more. Their was a walleye reef put in on the north side of the lake in the early 90’s and just recently modified to enhance the fish quality of this lake.

Close to major snowmobile and groomed cross country ski trails. The North Country Trail and Sand Dunes hiking trails are just up the road. a truly 4-season destination area.


Walleye Reef

Brevort River

River flows from nearby Lake Michigan

Brevort Lake Fishing

Brevort Lake is a relatively undeveloped, 4,233 acre lake. Forest vegetation makes up much of the shoreline, although it has many sandy beaches on parts of the south shore. It It has a sandy bottom. The lake is 30 feet deep in spots, but generally ranges around 1020 feet deep.

A 2,100 feet long walleye spawning reef was constructed in the lake by the Forest Service to provide stable rock structure on which fish can spawn, making walleye reproduction more successful. Previously, the shifting sand bottom did not allow for this success. Walleye fishing is getting better. Crayfish and other water animals have used the rocks as cover and smallmouth bass have started to congregate around the reef.

Walleyes are light-sensitive fish that usually stay close to the bottom in 8-20 feet of water during the day. Most feeding activity occurs at dawn and dusk, but they will often continue to feed in shaded areas. Still fishing, slow trolling, or drifting with night crawlers, minnows, and leeches are effective. Use of a spinner, with trolled or drifted baits, often increases the number of strikes. Jigs with twister tails and minnow-imitating pugs can also be effective. Walleye are a schooling fish. A spot that produces one fish often has several more.

Other species of fish caught here are crappies, perch, sunfish, northern pike and muskellunge. The lake elevation is set by the USGC and maintained by the Federal Forest Service via the Brevort River and Dam system. It’s a great boating, sailing, windsurfing and fishing lake. It’s also exciting to just watch the sun set and let the swans paddle by.

More information on Brevort Lake can be obtained at the Federal Forest Service Office located on West U.S. #2 just 6 miles from St.Ignace. They can be reached at 906-643-7900.


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