Center of the Freshwater World

Straits of Mackinac

The Mackinac Bridge

Summer Lake Breezes at the Straits of Mackinac-If you haven’t been to the Straits because you are afraid to cross the Mackinac Bridge, all I can say is “I’m so sorry for you”.  So next time you want to head over to Mackinac Island, consider taking a beautiful 5 mile stroll across one of the greatest structures in the world.  Crossing the “Big Mac” is the only way you will truly experience the Upper Peninsula and all it has to offer…..Yes!,  many think they have arrived in Canada and it was an easy border crossing….but what can I say….Google Maps should set you straight…crossing from historic St. Ignace gives a fabulous view of  Victorian bluff homes and island activity.  Once you’ve made that first trek, a new lifetime of adventures await you!

Speaking of Straight…..Many have discovered the “Straits of Mackinac” and have found it to be the most pleasant of all weather patterns….yes, I know, and I’ve heard it over and over, “I’m never shoveling snow again”…Well certainly I can understand that statement if you don’t like snow….But think about it, many of us do LOVE snow…and lots of it, then there are those who detest it…..But Michigan has 4 seasons, all beautiful in their own ways…How lucky are we to pick which ones we want to live in….Some pick all, some pick 1, or 2 or 3….but each has it’s own following.  I love getting away a few times a year to break up a least favorite season…so I’ll head to Florida or some other warm place…but I’ve been there during their off season when temps are high and I cannot imagine living there year-round….many can and that’s great for them….but I’m a “Northern Michigan Girl”…don’t put me in high 80’s and 90’s  for very long….and don’t tell me to stay inside with air-conditioning because I want to be outside and breath the air and play.

St. Ignace Marina

U.S. 2 Scenic Byway

Cut River Bridge-Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

I personally LOVE summer and fall and half of winter, and half of spring….so I choose to leave a couple times a year and re-energize the soul and visit other areas all while still running the business with the technology that allows us to do that in this day.  My husband LOVES ALL 4 seasons and is perfectly content to send me on my way while manning the home base with a snow plow, shovel and ice-fishing shanty, and of course his camp!   You’ve never seen a happier man during my little jaunts away.


The Straits of Mackinac Region, also known as the “Center of the Fresh Water World” is where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet, at the Mackinac Bridge specifically.   Continuous lake breezes keep the region cooler than most areas in the Midwest, offering relief to us and many southern travelers and guests when temperatures soar in other areas.  Click resources Although we experience some exciting big winds on occasion, hurricanes and tornadoes have no place here…and wildfires are not a threat.  Diving in a lake anywhere will provide relief and pure pleasure and knowing there is nothing in that lake that could hurt you, (alligators, sharks and a ton of other predators) is such a safe feeling.

U.S.2 Lake Michigan Sand Dunes

Circle Tour Map

Circle Tour Map