Don and Jackie Kalstrom, St. Ignace 1-9-2009

Why St. Ignace? 

A few years ago, while vacationing, my wife and I stopped in and stayed for a few days.  It did not take but a few days to get the feeling.  Good, friendly people, willing to help. Yes a tourist town in summer with crowed streets during all the special events, but still a nice place.  Our first impression was great.  Little did we know that immediately upon arriving back home in Blue Springs, MO. my wife and I began looking on the internet for property and thinking of the possibilities.  We discovered our mutual interest while driving to Detroit for Thanksgiving.  We decided right then to take a little detour and come up to St. Ignace after the holiday.  We were still impressed.  So with no ties other than a house and friends, we bought lots, thinking we would build.   

When we first announced that we decided we were moving to St. Ignace, the most common reaction of family and friends was; why on earth would you want to live way up there with all the cold, desolation, away from family, etc. we heard it all, and we would say because we like it and we can.  

And here is why: 

  • Driving or walking into town along US 2, you round the bend a see the Lake Huron shore and the old railroad dock greeting you.  What better visual effect is there, everywhere you turn it is a postcard moment.
  • I can walk almost everywhere I want to go. We can walk to the Post Office, Grocery Store, Hospital, Pharmacy, Library, Hardware stores, Banks, and my favorite Café in ten minutes or so if we choose.
  • After being here just a short while; yes, even in the winter, looking out the window at the pines and cedars you get the feeling of serenity.
  • I resided and worked in the hectic world for the first 45 years of my life.  Now I walk or bike down to the corner turn left and look north and see the lake and the Wawatam Lighthouse.  If I turn right and go a half mile I can see the Mighty Mac.  It never fails to bring a smile.
  • I have lived in Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angles, San Francisco, and Kansas City where going to work usually took a commute of between ¾ of an hour to 1½  hours on good days with bumper-to- bumper traffic with its associated noise and obnoxious odors – Not here in St. Ignace or Mackinac County.  There are no traffic lights.
  • The word COMMUNITY comes to mind as I go about my daily life.  Webster defines community as a group of people living together; having interest, work, etc. in common.  I have resided in towns and cities all my life but never have I had the feeling of a “total community” as I get living here.  When a group has a function the town turns out.

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