Spring is here and this is why I know


I always know when spring is really here because the buzz is all about the mushrooms….who’s seen them, where do you think they are etc.  I’ve never been very good at hunting them all though on occasion we have hit a few jackpots but I defer to my daughter and a couple of friends to really produce the find of this local and very popular Northern Michigan delicacy. People are very protective of their spots, even my own kids wouldn’t divulge their spots but just offer to drop a off a few extras to keep us happy.  I guess they were afraid I would broadcast the whereabouts and that would be the end of their secret spot.

This little batch above is the first of the year, beefsteaks as they call this particular morel,  pan fried with a little olive oil, garlic, onion and a dash of sea salt and pepper.  There is NO better dish to come off my stove, (well with the exception of the addition of a little butter which I’m trying to cut back on).    Thanks to our friend, “Mountain Joe” who I would trust with my life to know the difference between the real and false morels.  Now if you don’t hear from me again, I was wrong but my moneys always on “Mountain Joe”.

For anyone wanting to know more about wild mushrooms, check out this link   Hunting Morel Mushrooms in Upper Michigan   Just another great Northern Michigan activity…..

Why the beefsteak name?   if you close your eyes, sometimes you could imagine you were eating a succulent, tender, juicy bite of steak. (but it’s better).

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