Dumbwaiter or Dumb Waiter-

A dumbwaiter this was the topic of a morning stay over at my kids this week. We hunkered down in my son’s “man cave” to watch the olympics, drink coffee, work on our individual business’s/activities and share some stories,  our version of family time.  I was asking for an opinion for wordage in an ad I was putting in our local weekly paper on a home I had just listed for sale.    I asked if they thought including the “dumbwaiter’ was worth mentioning.  It was like a “deer in a headlight” look from both kids, (Gen X)  it hit me..Gen X and younger vs Baby Boomer….not that we had a Dumbwaiter (either version) growing up, but we knew people that did. They’re operated by power or a rope, a box type devise that is raised to another level of a structure, like groceries from a basement garage to a 2nd story kitchen. See Wikepdia.  They’ve been around since mid-1800’s, also known as a “lazy waiter” patented by a man who also invented power brakes.  In any case, after thinking about it, of course they wouldn’t know what that meant, nor maybe would most younger generations.  Today, they’re referred to as lazy susan or serving trays, really?, maybe hand pulled cart.   So that explains why Facebook rejected my ad, I guess one would have visions of a dumb looking waiter in a bow tie…So I got a few little lessons this beautiful wintry day,  

1.  Spend more time with your kids and/or people of different ages.

2.  Ask questions and opinions of others, it’s amazing what you will find out.


Now if you really are interested in owning a Great Lakes home with your own “dumbwaiter”, here is one located in our Straits of Mackinac area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Author:  Cheryl