California-The Trip

November was a blur of activities.  It started out with a trip to Anaheim California to attend the national REALTOR convention and ended at a ribbon cutting with (pet activist:) daughter-in-law Alicia for a fabulous new dog park in Murrieta.  The convention is an annual one but in a different … [Read more...]

World Ice and Snow Sailing Association

How did a little town like St. Ignace capture this world-class event....A lot of hard work from many volunteers and the confidence from WISSA that the the Straits of Mackinac is as deserving a place as any in the world. This is only the 4th time since 1980 that this event has been held in the United … [Read more...]

A Hike at Rabbits Back Peak

To most, it's just a hump in the landscape on a Lake Huron Bay just outside of the city of St. Ignace in the village of Evergreen Shores.  To many who live here, it's much more....It's a history, a story of a time gone by, an era when this intriguing rock was a well-known landmark, a kind of "castle … [Read more...]

Season’s Over

Where did the season go?  Honestly, it's been busy but I just found this picture that I took in August on Brevort Lake, at the Sunset Breeze vacation cottage and decided to post it so it would remind me of the summer that just turned into fall.  I didn't miss it....I was … [Read more...]

Breaking News! St. Ignace To Host Ice Sailing Champs

St. Ignace To Host Ice Sailing Champs 2011-07-14 / Front Page To Bring Crowd of Thousands in February By Mary Petrides Lake Huron ice, strong February winds, and a St. Ignace reputation for hospitality will bring as many as 200 athletes and a crowd of thousands to St. Ignace … [Read more...]

Ways to Fix Things Part Two ( A great look at a housing market fix)

Check out this website I found at These guys are on the money and give great insight to the housing problems and how we get back on track. пиар планскидки на ноутбукиSonyкак подать рекламу в гуглbest landing pages designdivanetworkскачатькак проиндексировать сайт … [Read more...]

Dwarf Iris

Living along the Lake Michigan shoreline is always an adventure because you just never know what you will encounter, rare animals, birds, massive tall ships, foreign freighters, sunrises and sunsets that take your breath away or wildflowers that are unfamiliar..   Recently, my husband during … [Read more...]

Spring is here and this is why I know

WILD BEEFSTEAK MOREL MUSHROOMS I always know when spring is really here because the buzz is all about the mushrooms....who's seen them, where do you think they are etc.  I've never been very good at hunting them all though on occasion we have hit a few jackpots but I defer to my daughter and a … [Read more...]

An Adventure Across the Ice Bridge

The early day crack on the ice bridge A horse drawn dray rounding the corner on Market Street The two restaurants open this winterIt was early in the day when I decided that today would be a good day to cross over to the island to get some work done. The … [Read more...]

Winter at the Straits of Mackinac

Winter in the Straits of Mackinac Today is a crystal blue day on the Straits of Mackinac, one of several days in a row now.  As we sit and listen to the stories of stranded travelers and forecasts of the big storm in route and people scrambling for supplies, it's hard to imagine when we look out … [Read more...]